The Eagles Nest Mine in Placer County, California is famous for incredible crystalline gold nuggets. It is not unusual to see trigons, octahedrons, wire gold in Eagles Nest gold specimens. Collectors and investors love gold nuggets from this location because of it's rarity and beauty. It's been years since any gold has come from this mine so it is not often that you see gold specimens for sale from this location anymore.

The Harvard Mine in Jamestown, California is now closed, so crystalline gold nuggets from this location will become even more rare than they are now, making them a very good investment. They are also a beautiful addition to any gold nugget collection.

The famous 16 to 1 Mine is in Alleghany in Sierra County, California. Most of the crystalline gold coming out of the 16 to 1 Mine still has quartz attached to it, and it is not often that you get such a nice selection of crystalline gold specimens from the 16 to 1 Mine with no quartz attached. The crystalline gold nuggets coming out of the 16 to 1 Mine are gorgeous, with great color and nice crystalline structure. I have a very limited selection of gold specimens from this location.

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